Ponleu association aims to provide access to international reference books, through their translation and publication in Khmer. It also publishes its own books, focusing on various fields of knowledge (philosophy, literature, science, etc.)

At the moment, followings books are available:

Some aspects of Philosophy, from the 6th century B.C. to the present day, by Vandy Kaonn, published in 2015, 482 pages. It is an introduction to major concepts of general philosophy in Khmer language and includes a very useful and exclusive glossary of philosophical vocabulary Khmer translations.

The Great Writers, by Vandy Kaonn, published in 2016, 422 pages. It introduces authors who had a significant influence on international history of literature.

The Royal Game, by Vandy Kaonn, published in 2017, 94 pages. It is the translation of the very last novel written by famous Austrian author Stefan Zweig.

- Amok, by Stefan Zweig, translated by Vandy Kaonn, published in 2019, 94 pages.
- What is happiness? (© Nathan, 2013), philosophy book for children by Oscar Brenifier, drawings by Catherine Meurisse, translated in Khmer by Sarah Oliveira and Vandy Rattana, published at the end of 2020, 96 pages.

All five Ponleu books are now available in following bookshops:

If you are a bookshop interested in selling Ponleu books, please contact Lyna, our distributor at following phone number: +855 092 961 974